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MvImpact-CS Release 2.1

Release Version 2.1 of the “mvIMPACT Configuration Studio”, or mvIMPACT-CS for short, has been issued; it comes with a cascade of new features and is now also available for use on a PC. 

Until now, users of the mvBlueGEMINI smart camera could only use mvIMPACT-CS to perform the full range of inspection tasks in a visual, quick and cost-effective manner if they possessed programming expertise and knowledge of image processing. Using the PC version and with the help of wizards, inspections can now also be simply and intuitively performed using PC and GigE Vision and USB3 Vision-compatible industrial cameras as a basis. This user group can therefore now also look forward to the guarantee of a quick and trouble-free entry into the world of industrial image processing. 

In addition, three essential functions have been added to the “Measure object” tool: First of all, the distance measurement between two lines has been optimized. The click point for selecting the second line serves as a reference point for the measurement, whereby the measurement location is clearly defined, even when the lines are not exactly parallel. Secondly, the intersection point of two lines can be used as the starting point for distance measurement. Thirdly, when used as starting points, the edges of the image are available to be used for X and Y measurements. 

Last but not least, the new release includes two additional expert tools. While the “Filter image” tool makes it possible to optimize the image quality, under sub-optimal lighting conditions, for example, the “Check blobs” tool allows the user to detect objects in the image, count them and check the shape and other properties of those objects.


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