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Laser modules are now a common sight in products and industrial applications, especially where camera systems are being used for quality checks and surface geometry monitoring.  Now that lasers play a crucial role in many applications the demand for better performance and reduced size is the next challenge for module manufacturers to meet.

For this LASER COMPONENTS have designed the MVfiber; a fibre delivered laser with a detachable optical head.  The FP-FLH optical head can be available with optics for projecting dots, Gaussian and Homogeneous lines, and over 60 different DOE patterns such as parallel lines, dot matrices, circles.

Separating the active laser from the optical components allows users to mount the compact optical head in smaller enclosures reducing the overall footprint of the system.  Meanwhile the active laser can be positioned in a not-so-critical location, allowing for easy electrical connection and heat sinking if required.

This separation provides technical advantages such as the almost complete elimination of thermal drift in the laser beam and the single-mode fibre reduces light scattering and side modes, enhancing overall beam quality.

The FP-FCL laser source and FP-FLH optical head can be ordered separately, ensuing maximum flexibility in selection the right system.  Both components feature FC/PC fibre connectors for ease of use and compatibility with larger systems.

With this new introduction the MVfiber series will be available at 450nm and 660nm with an optical power of up to 50mW, and other wavelengths and optical powers are available upon request.  The laser is driven by our new microprocessor-controlled electronics, where a serial interface is used to program and attain readouts from the laser.


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