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Flexpoint MVfiber Laser Module

The new Flexpoint MVfiber laser module is set to revolutionise machine vision technologies. The MVfiber consists of a laser coupled to a single-mode fibre which can be connected to a variety of fibre laser heads.  This separation of the laser and optical head reduces scattered laser light and prevents side modes, which results in precise laser projection for applications such as 3D measurements, bio-photonics, and medical applications.

As the electrical components that would usually undergo thermal expansion are now separated from the optical head, the thermal drift is reduced nearly to zero, optimising the performance of the electro-optical system.

The MVfiber is already a popular choice for OEM system integrators as the compact design and remote beam delivery allow builders to isolate, position, and heat sink the active laser component and feed the optimised laser light to where it is required.  The optical head is available with different beam profiles, such as homogeneous lines, Gaussian lines, dot projections, and more than 60 different DOE optics that produce parallel lines, dot matrices and circles.


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