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MV1-R1280 camera

With the camera series MV1-R1280 Photonfocus develops the market of ultra-low light applications. In this region the read out noise of the sensors determine the performance of the cameras. Successive developments of the CMOS technologies and the circuit technology allow CMOS image sensors to expand into ultra-low light applications. The CMOS image sensor R1280 utilise an innovative method of exposure and an optimized analogue-to- digital conversion to reduce the read out noise under 1e-.

The MV1-R1280 cameras have a linear response curve and a dynamic range of 82 dB. At full resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels the frame rate is 30 fps. The camera series in MV1 form factor is implemented with CameraLink interface MV1-R1280-50-CL and with GigE interface MV1-R1280-50-G2


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