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MV1-D2048x1088-3D06 laser triangulation camera

Photonfocus is proud to announce the release of our new MV1-D2048x1088-3D06 laser triangulation camera. With this new camera we are starting a new camera series for laser triangulation applications. It is based on newly developed algorithms that are robust and provide subpixel precision for the line position.

The camera integrates the substantially improved CMOSIS CMV2000 V3 image sensor. The line position is determined in realtime by the FPGA of the camera, using highly optimized algorithms designed to be robust, precise and fast. To increase speed, the additional 2D line featured by the 3D03 is omitted. This enables the camera to run at 18 kHz, which is substantially more than the 10 kHz of the older 3D03 laser triangulation camera.

Our new 3D06 laser triangulation camera will replace our trusty 3D03. The functionality and features of the new camera will be extended continuously in future releases while ensuring backward compatibility to previous versions. To be able to test the capabilities of our new camera, we have developed a offline system that uses the same algorithms as the camera itself.


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