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Hyperspectral imaging for UAS

Elbit Systems has launched hyperspectral imaging technology for the Hermes 450 and Hermes 900 unmanned air systems (UAS).

The hyperspectral imaging technology enables simultaneous imaging of the region of interest at different wavelengths. The payload is capable of imaging the spectral signature of the imaged materials, which is unique to every material in nature, just like a fingerprint.

Using a very sensitive imaging technology, the system can perform remote sensing by distinguishing most wavelengths at a broad spectral range and at an extremely high resolution.

The innovative hyperspectral technology enables detection and tracking of targets on the basis of their material signature. The payload allows intelligence gathering via identification, measurement and tracking of materials and objects including uncovering low signature military activity and invisible obstacles, as well as identification of hazardous materials. The airborne hyperspectral system is also complemented by a ground segment that provides automatic interpretation of the images/data and a mission planning system.

In its Hermes 900 or Hermes 450 UAS configuration, the system facilitates remote sensing and monitoring capabilities for various scenarios.

In addition to military applications, the hyperspectral technology is applicable for commercial and scientific use, such as pollution detection, water sampling, mineral deposits location, as well as agricultural applications like vegetation tracking and projection of crop yields, soil identification and more.


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