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MoveInspect HR

Aicon has introduced the optical measuring system MoveInspect HR, designed for the alignment and positioning of objects.

MoveInspect HR is able to measure and correct an arbitrary number of measuring points simultaneously. The system works with reference points, e.g. CAD data points, and captures them at any time. Thus, the three dimensional reference is valid throughout the whole measurement cycle, even when the object or the measuring system are moved for further modification of features. Hereby, MoveInspect HR can locate the object at any point in time.

With MoveInspect HR, it is even possible to measure hidden points by the operator 'informing' the measuring system about these points beforehand.

For this purpose, adapter points are fixed in the visible area of the object. Then, the hidden points are touched with the MI.Probe or equipped with real-time markers. Thus it is possible to detect the positions of the hidden points. These positions are then linked to the visible adapter points. By this means, all points of interest can be measured.


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