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Aicon's optical measuring system MoveInspect captures dynamic processes in 3D and analyses them with regard to geometric changes. The system includes a climate control concept allowing measurements to be made under extreme climatic conditions, for example in environmental chambers. Using the optical system in place of mechanical travel sensors reduces the setup work significantly.

MoveInspect is based on a camera bar that is equipped with digital cameras and offered in different versions. The high-end version is able to conduct tests at a frequency of 1,000Hz. The system can also be applied for endurance testing as it records the data without any time limit. The results of the dynamic measurements are displayed in a clear and descriptive manner. They may also be exported to external analysis software such as DIADem.

By default, MoveInspect is provided with a rugged camera body suitable for industrial requirements (IP65). For dynamic measurements over large temperature ranges, Aicon additionally assembles the MoveInspect cameras with a special body temperature control. It is managed by a central unit and allows for the precise identification of the geometric changes in a temperature range between -25°C to +70°C with an accuracy of up to 10µm. The recorded 3D movements can be shown in the same reference system, which permits an easy comparison of the results.

The climate controlled MoveInspect system is currently in use at a German vehicle manufacturer. The company runs endurance load tests lasting several days under different environmental conditions.


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