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Nautilus enclosures

Designed especially for HDTV cameras during underwater shooting, autoVimation has released Nautilus enclosures providing IP68 protection.

Thanks to double O-ring seals, the units are watertight even at a depth of 10m. Nautilus enclosures allow for assembly without tools and installation by untrained personnel: the camera can be easily mounted into the enclosure profile, and the front and back cover can be screwed on and off manually, enabling users to adjust the lens at any time. Moreover, the enclosures can be installed easily on tripods with a ¼-inch or ¾-inch thread.

A protective metal hose with a PVC coating and suitable cable glands ensure that the cables and cable exit are safely sealed. Nautilus enclosures are suitable for all cameras with a maximum cross section of 60 x 60mm and HDTV camera heads with aperture control used in TV productions. They can be used in chlorinated swimming pool water and sea water with a normal salt content.


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