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MotionBlitz EoSens Cube7

Mikrotron has introduced the ultra high-speed digital 3 Megapixel camera, MotionBlitz EoSens Cube7. The compact, GigE Vision camera has a resolution of 1,696 x 1,710 pixels and provides a frame rate of 500fps. Resolution and speed are adjustable within the camera's field of view, allowing frame rates of up to 285,000fps to be reached.

Built-in Fixed Pattern Noise (FPN) correction on a pixel by pixel basis corrects black level and dynamic deviation using an internally stored reference image, thereby providing crisp, clear and low noise images. The selectable non-linear dynamic transfer function delivers distinctive details even in extremely bright areas.

Other highlights of the Mikrotron camera include multiple ROI, a GigE Vision interface for transferring data up to 100m, a Burst Trigger Mode, an internal ring buffer for recording up to 6 seconds of footage at 500fps and maximum resolution, a compact housing, and an integrated battery. Using the ImageBlitz Auto trigger – a freely definable trigger image within the live image as real-time optical sensor – even sporadic events can be captured and recorded.


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