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MCV-Light Series LED spotlights

Schott and Moritex have launched their newest product in the MCV-Light Series, a 24V driven lineup of LED spotlights for coaxial illumination.

The LED spotlights were developed to work with telecentric lenses in image processing, while boasting high illumination uniformity. Their miniaturised bodies measure 27mm in length, a size reduction of 10 per cent compared to the MCEL Series and 20 per cent compared to the MCEC Series.

In addition, the standard L-shaped, right-angled illumination cable helps save space upon installation. Three new product models are available, with a choice of either red, blue or white colour emission.

The spotlights are ideal for alignment mark recognition on LCDs, character recognition on wafers or other inspections of semiconductor and electronic components with shiny surfaces. They are the first spotlight for coaxial illumination in the MCV-Light Series, which can be driven either by the LED controllers or by an external direct power supply.


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