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Schott and Moritex have introduced their high-brightness ColdVision LLS 3 LED light source. The light source boasts high brightness, achieving 150W halogen lamp levels. This cool white light source was designed to be coupled with Schott and Moritex's fibre optic light guides for high intensity and high uniformity illumination.

Main applications include semiconductor, PCB, web and other line scan inspection applications, high-performance factory automation, pharmaceutical packaging inspection, and halogen replacement for energy and environmental initiatives.

Two operation modes, normal and triggered strobe, enable users to select the illumination method based on their application requirements. In addition to manual control, remote control is possible using the multi-port analogue terminal, RS-232, and ethernet ports.

The compact footprint saves space and allows for easy mounting and stacking. Combining the LLS 3 with Schott and Moritex lenses and peripherals will enable optimum image quality for processing to meet the requirements of even the most challenging applications.


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