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Miniaturised reflection-free HDR lenses and a super-wide-angle lens for 1.2" sensor chips

Docter Optics has launched its Auto-Tessar HDR lenses and the Stilar 2.8/8, which is the first super-wide-angle-lens developed especially for 1.2" sensor chips.

The Stilar 2.8/8 features an exceptionally wide working range of 0.35m to infinity, excellent colour correction over the entire visual spectrum and high edge-to-edge resolution. At the same time, superior optical quality lends this lens high relative illuminance. That means camera systems have low light falloff for a better signal-noise ratio over the complete visual range.


The lens comes with a standard C mount, and additional step rings are also available. The Stilar 2.8/8 is the ideal choice for machine-vision and surveying applications as well as for surveillance system cameras.


The new Auto-Tessar series lenses represent yet another Docter Optics achievement. The three miniaturized HDR lenses of the Auto-Tessar series eliminate reflections and veiling glare without the use of electronic componentry. The benefits these lenses offer for airborne, aerospace and land-based mobile applications are obvious – reliable imaging with no information loss wherever zero-error performance is required, compact design and absolutely minimal power requirements.


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