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Advanced Micro Peripherals, a supplier of form factor products and embedded solutions, has launched the microMPEG4, a 4-channel MPEG4 codec on a mini PCI form factor. At 60 x 45mm, the sub credit card sized microMPEG4 is a low power and high performance solution for capturing and compressing up to four concurrent live analogue video inputs to MPEG4 standard. The microMPEG4 not only provides MPEG4 compression, but can also decompress and playback recordings from storage to display.

Utilising the 32-bit PCI architecture, the microMPEG4 allows high quality real-time video and audio capture and compression from one, two or four concurrent PAL or NTSC video sources to disk while simultaneously providing an additional path for incoming video to be previewed on the host screen. Text overlay with time and date stamping is supported. The high performance MPEG4 video data compression requires minimal CPU involvement. This plus the compact size, low heat dissipation and low power consumption makes the microMPEG4 ideal for space constrained and deeply embedded video/audio recording applications. The microMPEG4 is supported by a suite of drivers for Windows-NT/2000/XP, Linux and QNX.

Applications include solid-state digital video recorder, vehicle-based video codec, intranet/internet video streaming, remote video surveillance, multi-camera security, medical archiving, traffic monitoring and control, and video acquisition and analysis.


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