Mechatronic mBWR200

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Htt Group has expanded its portfolio with the new Mechatronic mBWR200 Batch Wafer Reader tool for single wafer tracking. The mBWR200 provides the possibility to read every wafer ID on 8-inch wafers, whether it is marked on the front- or back-side, without taking the wafer out of the standard cassette.

An additional component of this tool is automated wafer alignment. The IOSS WID110 Wafer ID Reader represents the core of the mBWR200. With its integrated RGB LED lighting and different lighting modes, this tool is suitable for reading OCR, DataMatrix, QR-Ccdes and barcodes.

An integrated 7-inch touchscreen computer enables user-friendly operation. Developed as a small-sized tabletop tool weighing 44lb, the mBWR200 perfectly fits into every wafer manufacturer environment. On demand, the tool can also be used as a stand-alone batch reader. By using the SECS/GEM interface it can easily be integrated into existing operational sequences and Ethernet ports facilitate connection to a network. To achieve high level throughput, the cycle time of a complete 25 slot cassette is approximately 25 seconds.