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FX SL AOI system

Yestech Europe has launched the Nordson Yestech high-speed FX SL advanced Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) system.

The FX SL is the latest member of the FX Series of AOI solutions. It features a three times image capture speed improvement in both on-the-fly or stop-start modes, plus all of the series’ existing functionality. Advanced 12µm colour camera imaging technology assures high speed PCBA inspection and exceptional defect coverage. With one top-down viewing camera and four side viewing cameras, the FX Series inspects solder joints and verifies correct part assembly enabling users to improve process quality and increase throughput.

The FX SL also includes Yestech’s dual inspection technology, allowing users to benefit from both image matching and algorithm-based inspection techniques within a single program. Image matching depends on building a reference image database of known good and defective board samples. The machine learns these images for comparison with the boards being inspected. Algorithm-based inspection uses rules, measurements and contrast location mechanisms that look for variations in light and dark greyscale or colour patterns to identify a component and its surrounding area.

Providing both methods of inspection offers significant advantages for different production environments. In high mix situations with limited production runs, users can benefit from image-based inspection’s fast setup time. Alternatively, algorithm-based inspection offers comprehensive and precise parameter control for high volume production. Accuracy is further improved by the FX SL’s new, more accurate x-y stage. Setup times in multi-system installations are also reduced through library-based software and copy-exact program portability.

The FX SL offers fast throughput and is easily integrated into production environments, with intuitive interfaces for operators, technicians and engineers. Additionally, the system enables real-time visibility and optimisation of the manufacturing process through a comprehensive collection of SPC, data and image-based reports.


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