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Matrox Solios

Matrox Imaging has announced new configurations of the Matrox Solios frame grabber family. Matrox Solios XCL-B supports a single Base Camera Link camera, while Matrox Solios XCL-F supports up to a single Full Camera Link camera. Matrox Solios XCL-F is also available for PCI Express (Solios eCL-F), allowing users to upgrade to next generation PCs with simplicity. Matrox Solios eCL-B for PCI Express will follow at a later date.


Matrox Solios XCL-F also features an optional, customisable processing core based on the Altera Stratix FPGA family to off-load and even accelerate specific image processing routines in an application. The Altera Stratix devices are available with or without memory (SDRAM and/or SRAM) to offer users maximum flexibility for their application’s needs.


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