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Matrox Nexis

Matrox Imaging has launched the Matrox Nexis, an integrated image acquisition sub-system. Featuring two remote camera heads combined with a dual camera control unit (CCU) and frame grabber on a single PC/104-Plus card, Matrox Nexis is intended for use and sold with the Matrox 4Sight M industrial vision computer.

Matrox Nexis supports simultaneous acquisition from two camera heads, which are available in a compact or ultra-compact body. The camera heads make use of interline transfer progressive-scan CCD image sensors with square pixels; the family of available sensors includes support for sub to megapixel resolutions, higher readout or frame rates, and monochrome or colour imaging. Matrox 4Sight M can accommodate up to two Matrox Nexis sub-systems for simultaneous acquisition from up to four independent camera heads.

Matrox 4Sight M is a self-contained imaging platform offering desktop PC performance in a compact, industrial enclosure. It provides the core functionality needed to build high-performance and cost-sensitive applications. Image capture, processing and display, along with networking and general purpose I/Os, are all integrated into a single unit.


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