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Matrox 4Sight X

Matrox Imaging has launched the Matrox 4Sight X, its latest embedded system to integrate video capture, processing and display.

Built upon an embedded Intel 64-bit multi-core architecture, Matrox 4Sight X is equipped with either a Core2 Duo or Celeron processor, as well as an Intel GMA x3100 2D/3D graphics engine to offload image processing. The rugged construction and small footprint also make Matrox 4Sight X suitable for any environment.

For image acquisition, 4Sight X features dual integrated Gigabit Ethernet ports for GigE Vision and three IEEE 1394 a/b ports for the Industrial Instrumentation Digital Camera (IIDC). Optional frame grabbers for x4 PCIe/32-bit PCI can acquire video from analogue, digital RS-422/LVDS, and Camera Link sources. Complementary hardware compression capability is also available. All optional hardware (for image acquisition and compression) is pre-installed and configured at the factory.

Microsoft Windows XP Embedded is available on the system; applications are programmed with the Matrox Imaging Library (MIL). Like hardware, software is pre-installed so developers have a simpler development and deployment process and can get their product to market sooner. Matrox 4Sight X is manufactured in-house with stringent change control so a consistent supply is available throughout its long life cycle, helping to maximise ROI.


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