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Colour version of Boa

Stemmer Imaging has added the colour version of Dalsa's Boa smart cameras to its product portfolio. The camera features a VGA colour sensor operating at 60fps. Like its monochrome counterparts, Boa colour is a fully self-contained inspection system housed in a 44mm cube, IP67 rated enclosure, for mounting both where space is limited and in harsh environmental and washdown conditions. This compact package offers exceptional performance for its price with on-board processing capabilities and full suite of vision tools, a web-browser based user interface and application development interface as well as inputs and outputs, illumination control and factory communications.

Boa features multiple on-board, real-time processing engines to optimise performance and provide a robust and adaptable platform for automated vision applications. The camera is supported by Dalsa's iNspect vision software, which can be both configured and remotely monitored using a web browser portal via an Ethernet connection to a PC or factory network.

Designed for use by experienced users and first-time adopters alike, iNspect provides a full suite of built-in point-and-click vision tools and measurement capabilities including colour hue verification, which are ideally suited to an extensive range of tasks such as positioning, identification, code reading, verification, measurement and flaw detection. Once the initial setup is complete, Boa operates as an autonomous system.


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