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Macnica ATD Europe to distribute InnerEye AI technology

Macnica ATD Europe today announced the signing of a distribution agreement with InnerEye. Based in Israel, InnerEye is combining human intelligence and AI into a unified learning and decision making system for multiple applications.

Wearable EEG device connects between the user’s brain and the AI models

InnerEye technology is directly connecting between the user’s brain and the AI models combining them into a unified system called Brain-In-The-Loop. This innovative system is addressing challenges in development, training, and personalization of AI models, specifically for computer vision, and uniquely enables a real-time collaboration between human users and the AI model for faster, more accurate and flexible decision-making. This unique combination overcomes a bottleneck of human performance, as well as capitalizes on the merging of human neural processing and deep artificial neural networks. By tapping into the users’ brain using a small wearable EEG device, the InnerEye Brain-In-The-Loop system is capable to read in real time the user’s visual and auditory recognition signals, cognitive and mental states and additional human factors. This information is then fed to the AI system, either for AI model creation using brain-generated labels, an AI model update, or even a joint human-machine decision.

We are excited to welcome InnerEye in our distribution portfolio as part of the global strategy of Macnica Group to support AI-driven technologies. Their breakthrough iterative active learning framework Brain-In-The-Loop brings together the skills and expertise of the human user, cutting edge neuro-technology and state of the art machine-learning and signal processing algorithms”, states Antoine Hide, CEO of Macnica ATD Europe and explains: “Standard inspection processes by humans generate recurring brainwave patterns that can be learned by the InnerEye system which then automatically reacts upon detecting abnormal brainwave patterns up to 20 times faster than the human inspector is able to respond.”

“Brain-In-The-Loop by InnerEye enables training and validating the AI model on the fly without the need to collect and annotate the data externally. It also allows companies to adopt a general AI model and further adjust and improve it according to their specific visual inspection criteria”, states InnerEye Co-Founder & CEO Uri Antman. “Furthermore, InnerEye enables our customers to advance to a real synchronization and connection between the human user and the deployed AI models, leveraging the unique skills and expertise of the user with the fast and accurate computer vision analysis.”

Proven technology

The technology provided by InnerEye is already proven and applied in several markets and applications, with focus on visual inspection use-cases, such as in airport security checkpoints to accelerate and enhance decision making of X-ray screeners. Upon spotting a threat in a luggage piece that is X-rayed, the screener’s brain generates a unique brainwave pattern. InnerEye technology automatically recognizes this pattern and records a threat without the screener having to actively flag it. Following this method, the technology is able to serve in multiple other
applications in industrial inspection, data annotation, healthcare, agriculture, mobility, and even gaming.

Presentation at EMVA Business Conference 2021

Innereye will present their breakthrough technology to the machine vision community in a speaker slot on 11 June during the EMVA Business Conference Special Edition 2021.


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