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Macnica ATD Europe to distribute software to optimise factory floor

Following the consequent strategy to broadening its portfolio of AI-supported computer vision solutions Macnica ATD Europe today announced a distribution agreement with Retrocausal. Headquartered in Seattle, U.S.A, Retrocausal is the industry leader in human action recognition systems that help front-line manufacturing workers avoid assembly mistakes, be more efficient at their daily jobs, and improve the processes they drive.

Through intelligent observation the Retrocausal action recognition system called Pathfinder Apollo analyzes complex manual activities to help operators avoid assembly errors and improve training in manual and repetitive work on the assembly line. The Pathfinder software is a hardware agnostic, self-service platform that detects any error in the performance of tasks by operators on an assembly line and triggers audible and visual alerts upon the error. In addition, the Pathfinder Apollo continuously performs time studies, enabling greater control and management over the manual activities performed in a manufacturing unit.

“We welcome Retrocausal in our distribution family. This not only adds another leading and innovative AI specialist to our portfolio but also represents another step in further vertical diversification of Macnica operations in Europe” says Fabio Sousa, Technology Solutions Division Director at Macnica ATD Europe. “The Pathfinder Apollo has the potential to revolutionize industrial assembly lines, as it automates the checking of manual and repetitive processes, enabling greater control and management of activities.”


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