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Machine Micro Lenses

Moritex Machine Micro Lens (MMLs) offer a high resolving power throughout their field of view deliver and good performance in high definition inspection and alignment applications.

The MML-HR Series of machine vision lenses are optimised for Megapixel cameras, up to 2/3-inch CCD chip size, have a resolution of 0.3μm and high uniformity of coaxial illumination across the entire field of view. This in combination with low distortion, high contrast and a long working distance make the HR series a high resolution, high performance machine vision lenses.

Moritex MML's are telecentric lenses, which maintain a constant view angle to the subject. This is achieved by keeping the optical ray paths parallel to each other. Lens telecentricity is crucial in vision and inspection applications where view angle and magnification errors need to be minimised.


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