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Lumen 200S

Prior Scientific, a supplier of illumination equipment for fluorescence microscopy, has released the Lumen 200S metal halide illumination system with shutter control.

The Lumen 200S is a powerful 200W, cost effective alternative to standard 100W mercury and halogen lamp houses traditionally used for fluorescence imaging. The built-in shutter of the light is able to close in 30ms, allowing very brief exposure periods thereby minimising the risks of photobleaching damage, even to sensitive samples.

A variety of control options are available for the illumination system, including RS232, USB, TTL and via the ProScan III controller. Light is delivered from the system via a 2m or 3m liquid light guide to eliminate heat transfer to the microscope, minimise thermal drift and aid image stability in long-term experiments.

The spectral emission of the Lumen 200S is similar to that of a traditional mercury bulb, covering most commonly used fluorophores and their corresponding filter sets. However, the light quality offers even and consistent illumination across the spectrum, and over time. The bulb life of 2,000 hours is approximately 10 times longer than that of a conventional mercury bulb, and bulb replacement requires no special realignment tools.


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