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LuCam 5.0.0

Lumenera, a leading developer and manufacturer of high performance digital cameras and custom imaging solutions, is now supporting 64-bit operating systems (O/S) for its high performance USB 2.0 industrial and scientific camera lines.

Lumenera introduced 64-bit drivers so that its customers can benefit from more powerful CPUs found in today's computers. This process is being phased in as camera software packages are updated. Lumenera's latest LuCam 5.0.0 software release includes beta versions of its 64-bit drivers, as well as its API and software libraries.

Customers using Windows Vista and Windows XP have the choice to run existing 32-bit applications with its 64-bit camera drivers, or migrate their applications to full 64-bit support. In addition to 64-bit support, LuCam 5.0.0 drivers are now digitally signed for Microsoft Windows Vista, making Lumenera's drivers more trusted by the O/S and simplifying installation.

For application developers using the LuCam API functions, it is important to note that two versions of our camera libraries (DLLs) are provided to support both 32-bit and 64-bit applications.


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