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Lumenera has released the Lw11059 series of CCD Megapixel USB 2.0 cameras, designed for use in a variety of industrial and scientific applications that require high resolution and good performance in low light conditions.

With a 4008 x 2672 resolution and on-board processing, the cameras deliver excellent image quality at a low price. Ideal applications include display and document inspection where optical performance is important throughout the entire image including its edges.

Uncompressed images such as streaming video and still image capture can be streamed using a USB 2.0 digital interface, requiring no frame grabber. Advanced camera control is available through a complete Software Developer’s Kit (SDK), with sample code available to quickly integrate camera functions into OEM applications.

This camera series includes a hardware- and software-based synchronisation trigger, and is available with three different lens mount options: Lw11059 with a Canon Bayonet-Style Mount; Lw11058 with a K-Mount; and the Lw11057 with an F-Mount.


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