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LightWise cameras

Imaging Solutions Group has doubled the memory of its LightWise cameras, which are also now fully CE and RoHS compliant.

The high speed FireWire 800 Mbps IEEE-1394b LightWise Camera Family is now shipping with an image buffer of 128Mb RAM and 64Mb of Flash memory. The FireWire 400 Mbps IEEE-1394a LightWise Camera Family is now has an image buffer of 64Mb RAM and 8Mb of Flash memory. The pricing for the cameras have stayed at the same low price even with twice the memory.


These cameras use a Xilinx XC3S1000-4FTG256C one million gate high performance low-cost FPGA.


All camera controls are carried out via the 1394 interface, which includes a fully programmable image processing pipeline and dynamic range/gamma control LUT for any desired response curve and wide range of triggering and strobe control capabilities. These cameras come packaged with driver software and a user's manual.  All area cameras from ISG incorporate the ISG Image Pipeline and can be programmed with customer supplied algorithms inside the on-board FPGA.


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