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LightWise IQ cameras

Imaging Solutions Group (ISG) has introduced the LightWise IQ camera family. The cameras support dual GigE Vision and, upon request, the CoaXPress interface.

The LightWise IQ cameras are based on the Truesense Imaging KAI CCD sensor family. A 16 megapixel model (7.4µm pixel, KAI-16070) and a 29 megapixel model (5.5µm pixel, KAI-29050) are available.

The cameras have a high-performance Linux CPU and a large FPGA. External triggering and strobe functions are integrated along with a NTSC/PAL composite video input, RS-232, two USB 2.0 interfaces and on-board memory.

The Imaging Solutions Group provides many different custom camera platforms offering a wide variety of interfaces, functions and programmability. This family is the third generation of an ISG custom camera platform.

End-users can run advanced imaging algorithms in C++ on the high-performance Linux CPU. The FPGA is available for optimising functions for speed when needed. The camera family is suitable for traditional machine vision, traffic, security and surveillance, and other government and military applications.


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