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LED screen measurement systems

Radiant Imaging has introduced a complete set of measurement systems, software, and services for optimising LED video screen appearance over the complete life of the screen. The components of the vision system – VisionCAL, VisionLINK, VisionMATCH, and VisionTUNE – address the needs of LED screen owners, users, and manufacturers to achieve the best possible visual appearance for LED digital signage in any application environment: in sports stadiums and arenas, on advertising billboards, on mobile displays, and more.

LEDs vary in performance, when first manufactured and then as they age during use. The vision system provides specific solutions for optimising the visual performance of an LED video screen at each step in its life cycle.

VisionCAL is Radiant Imaging's LED screen correction system, previously offered under the name PM-LEDC. The VisionCAL system combines Radiant Imaging's ProMetric Imaging colorimeters for measuring the LED screen at a pixel level with VisionCAL software to produce correction coefficients for LED screens and panels in the factory or in the field.

VisionLINK is a rack mountable, in-line correction processor. Not all LED video screens, especially legacy systems, support the implementation of correction parameters. VisionLINK overcomes this by applying VisionCAL generated correction parameters directly to a DVI video stream feeding the LED screen. VisionCAL directly interfaces with VisionLINK for correction coefficient management.

VisionMATCH provides fast, accurate correction of LED module performance. When replacing a module in the field, VisionMATCH is used to adjust the correction coefficients of the new module so that it blends in smoothly with adjacent modules in the screen.

VisionTUNE is Radiant Imaging's LED video screen measurement and correction services. Radiant provides consultation on screen performance, screen performance verification, on-site screen correction services, and annual correction maintenance. VisionTUNE services are individually tailored to meet the needs of the particular screen to be corrected, and can be used for both fixed and rental screens.


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