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Japanese firm Linx completes imaging seminar days

LINX Corporation, a leading trading company of advanced technologies (located at Aoba-ku, Yokohama, Japan, CEO: Kei Murakami, hereafter referred to as LINX) successfully concluded a 3-day private seminar “LINXDays” in Nagoya, Osaka and Tokyo with a total of 1,017 participants.

It was the seventh private seminar to be organized by LINX. Every year, over 1,000 participants mainly from those involved in FA (factory automation) in semiconductors, electrical and electronics, automobiles, food and healthcare industries, attend the seminar. This year, under the new banner of “LINXDays”, the seminar introduced the recent trends and examples of actual applications of the latest technologies in industries as well as the latest products available through LINX.
For the first time, the seminar was organized in two parts. The first part, “LINX-IIoT Seminar”, held in the morning, explained how IIoT (Industrial IoT) will transform manufacturing in Japan with actual examples of Japanese and foreign companies. The second part, “LINX Machine Vision Seminar”, highlighted the recent market trends of the image processing technologies for which the needs are increasing in Japan and introduced the latest machine vision components with examples of actual applications.

The seminar was also attended by the CEOs of LINX’s key vendors such as 3S-Smart Software Solutions and MVTec Softwars who explained the unique characteristics of their products directly to the audience. In addition, the latest version of the image processing software HALCON, one of the key products of LINX, was unveiled at the seminar, which also attracted much attention from the participants.
LINX will continue to hold private seminars annually to promote and highlight the key characteristics and advantages of its products.


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