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ISVI-CORP cameras

Alrad Imaging now offers high resolution cameras from Industrial Sensor Vision International Corp (ISVI-CORP). The company specialises in high resolution, high speed camera technology for the automation machine vision industry.

Camera resolutions range from 5 Megapixels up to 25 Megapixels. All cameras have a Camera Link interface. The cameras are ideal for a range of applications including automated optical inspection, solder paste inspection, package inspection and back light unit inspection. These very high resolution cameras can run at high frame rates (e.g. 25MP at 27fps, 20MP at 34fps and 15MP at 45fps). All cameras use CMOS sensors with global shutter. For the higher resolution cameras both monochrome or colour cameras are available. The 5 and 10 Megapixel cameras are only available with colour sensors. The cameras are lightweight typically 520g (without lens) and can withstand high shock and vibration.

Alrad Imaging can offer customers a complete camera and frame grabber solution. Epix has interfaced the ISVI-CORP 25MP camera to their PIXCI E4 or E8 frame grabbers and achieved 23.5fps into a raid system making the combination ideal for image sequence acquisition.


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