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300GHz linear scanning system

The 300 GHz linear scanner is the latest Terasense high-speed THz imager. The scanner bridges the gap between the extremely high imaging speed of linear scanners (5-15 kHz) and unprecedented spatial resolution arising from 300 GHz imaging technology (0.5 mm). The linear camera is easy to integrate in conveyor lines or other mechanical scanning systems, being a convenient and flexible tool for non-destructive testing and imaging of various materials, both in laboratory and industrial environment. 

It is a common knowledge that quality control and non-destructive testing (NDT) for detection-through surfaces in food and agricultural industries is crucial to avoid using ionizing radiation (like X-ray) for its detrimental affect on human health. This is where Terahertz imaging technology developed and commercialised by Terasense - comes in extremely handy, as never before. There are many examples of practical and useful applications and their number is growing exponentially each month, week and even day!


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