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ISVI announces Framos as global distributor

ISVI, a designer and manufacturer of advanced high-speed, high-resolution camera technology, has announced Framos as the global distrubutor of its products.

Completing the Framos portfolio of imaging components ranging from sensors to systems, the ISVI cameras provide customers an unparalleled combination of image quality and high-speed image acquisition for the most demanding vision applications. Together with Framos’s knowledge to enable machines to see and think, both companies are looking forward to providing global imaging innovation on a broad scale.

Gerard White, Vice President of ISVI Corp.: ‘We are extremely pleased to have entered into a distribution partnership with Framos. ISVI cameras are high-end imaging devices designed for forward-thinking OEMs and system integrators with demanding needs. With their professional expertise in sales and marketing management, imaging technology and streamlined logistics, FRAMOS has also positioned itself as a forward-thinking machine vision industry leader. Additionally, their well-established brand, reputation and complementary products perfectly positions Framos to successfully offer ISVI products in the markets they serve. We look forward to a very close and long-term relationship which will benefit our mutual customers.’

Claudia Unterhuber, Head of Product Marketing at Framos, explains the win-win situation for Framos, ISVI, and global imaging customers: ‘ISVI’s high-end product range is comprised of high speed and high resolution CoaXPress and Camera Link cameras. When combined with our existing portfolio of Euresys frame grabbers, these interfaces ensure fast high-quality data transfers for industrial automation, scientific imaging and other high-speed and high-resolution applications.  By the same token, our regionalized sales professionals and field application engineers are strategically positioned to handle technical consulting and logistics services during design and integration phases. Bringing our core competences together, we offer a direct link to discuss customization of hardware and firmware-based preprocessing to create proprietary OEM designs.’

ISVI’s newest high-end imaging solution is the IC-X50S-CXP camera, providing nearly 50 Megapixels and 30 frames per second at full resolution. The superb image qualities of the standard model are further enhanced with the addition of an actively cooled model. As the first thermo-electrically cooled (TEC) camera with this high-resolution sensor on the market, the all-new IC-X50T-CXP provides the best-possible image performance for semi-conductor metrology, FPD inspection and scientific applications. The compact size and wide selection of standard lens mounts makes both models popular choices for users requiring very high-resolution cameras for high-throughput applications.  All ISVI cameras are a perfect fit in demanding applications including high-speed factory automation and machine vision, 2D/3D metrology, SPI, electronic products inspection, bio-mechanics, long-range security, robotics, and microscopy.

With 37 years of experience, Framos is in tune with today’s imaging customer requirements and positioned to help its clients innovate and remain competitive in a diverse Machine Vision market. As a global imaging partner, Framos supports its customers with a broad service portfolio that ranges from sensors to solutions and services enabling machines to see and think.


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