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Toshiba Teli has introduced the CleverDragon CSC12M25BMP19 camera, aimed at the most demanding requirements of industrial image processing. The camera, distributed by Framos, features a monochrome CMOS chip (24.6 x 18.5mm sensor area) offering 4096 x 3072 active pixels with a pixel size of 6 x 6µm and the ability to output 25fps. The frame rate can be increased even further by selecting particular regions of interest (ROI) - for instance, up to 48,662fps is possible when outputting individual scan lines with a bit depth of 10 bits. Furthermore, the highly sensitive sensor allows low noise pictures to be captured. A global shutter enables distortion-free imaging of fast-moving objects as required for most machine vision applications.

The CleverDragon body measures 75 x 75 x 69.5mm and is fitted with a 48mm TFL II mount matching the CMOS sensor’s dimensions and enabling lens configurations of high optical quality. Regular F mount lenses can also be fitted with the help of an optional adaptor. The monochrome image signals are output with a bit depth of 8 or 10 bits via two CameraLink interfaces located on the rear of the camera.


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