IRSX Simulator

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With the IRSX Simulator, AT – Automation Technology has recently developed an optimal software tool to simulate the IRSX smart infrared camera with all its functions on the computer.

This development has several advantages: The customer can familiarize himself with the infrared camera even before the actual use of the hardware and there is the possibility to extensively test, develop and optimize measurement plans completely independent of the infrared camera.

In addition, thanks to the IRSX Simulator, the customer can be sure that the measurement plan he has created for his application works perfectly - precisely because he was able to fully test and optimize it on his computer using the simulator tool without integrating any hardware.

To ensure a quick familiarity with the simulator tool, AT provides a continuously growing number of application examples such as the monitoring of plastic welding processes (WeldCheck) or even the measurement of elevated body temperature (FebriScan). These examples also demonstrate the flexibility of creating measurement plans as well as the numerous functions offered by the IRSX. The software for the IRSX Simulator is freely available and can be set up very easily on any PC.

Once the customer is satisfied with the creation and testing of his measurement plan using AT's new tool, he can simply and easily load it onto his IRSX smart infrared camera and start his application. He is then guaranteed optimal operation of his thermal monitoring solution right from the start.

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