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iPort CL-Ten Dual Medium IP engine

Pleora Technologies has launched a high-performance video transmitter. The product streams video at more than 8Gb/s over standard 10 GigE networks in real time with low, consistent latency.

The 10 GigE transmitter, the iPort CL-Ten Dual Medium IP engine, is based on an innovative, low-power architecture. It meets growing market demand for reliable high-bandwidth video transport and is ideal for semiconductor, web, and flat-panel inspection systems, as well as new-generation medical and military imaging applications.

The iPort CL-Ten integrates seamlessly with other vision system equipment, such as GigE cameras, PCs, displays, and controllers, in distributed, multi-rate, real-time video networks. It takes video data from two Camera Link Medium cameras and transports it in real time at more than 8Gb/s to off-the-shelf PCs over industry-standard copper or fibre-based 10 GigE links. This lowers system costs by limiting the need for expensive and bulky Camera Link cables, extenders, and frame grabbers, while allowing PCs to be located safely away from inspection areas. Faster inspection times, through increased frame rates and maximum resolutions, mean further cost savings.

Pleora's iPort CL-Ten complies fully with the open GigE Vision and GenICam standards, as well as with the Camera Link, PoCL, and CLProtocol standards, easing system design and integration.


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