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IP Ethernet autofocus-zoom block camera

Active Silicon have launched their first IP Ethernet autofocus-zoom block camera, adding IP network capability to their Harrier camera and interface board range.

Applications for these versatile cameras are numerous and range from networked surveillance to connected industrial inspection. For example, the Harrier 10x AF-Zoom IP Camera with Tamron MP1010M-VC offers a lightweight and compact 1080p camera solution which is ideal for remote monitoring, traffic & transport, robotics and ROVs.

Benefits of the IP cameras include low-cost cable range of up to 100m, easy connection to standard PCs and Ethernet infrastructure, industry standard camera control interface (ONVIF), and compatibility with third-party ONVIF compliant software.

The IP Ethernet video stream is provided by the Harrier IP Camera Interface Board. With the help of a powerful SoC processor, the board converts the LVDS output of the Harrier camera to a low latency H.264 IP video stream over RTP. The board is compatible with all LVDS output cameras, extending IP video output to all of the robust, high-quality Harrier range of cameras that includes models with global shutter and up to 40x zoom.

Software examples are provided with the free Harrier IP SDK (software development kit). VISCA commands can also be sent to the camera via the ONVIF server, enabling full control of all camera features. Customized text and graphical overlays can be added to the live video stream.

The interface board can be purchased as board-only or as part of a pre-assembled complete camera solution; board versions with power over Ethernet (PoE) and wireless IP interface options are also available. The IP evaluation kit enables easy evaluation of Harrier IP cameras.


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