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Inspec.x L 4/105

Qioptiq has expanded its Inspec.x L lens series with the Inspec.x L 4/105 that includes a prism module. The lens can be used with beam splitters in coaxial bright-field illumination. It is supplied with the corresponding beam-splitter module to enable the use of coaxial reflected light in high resolution applications.

At high resolutions in the wavelength range of 5µm in combination with optical magnifications greater than 1, a beam splitter prism is the best option for creating functional coaxial illumination. Because the accuracy of the prism and its positioning in the beam path are subject to very stringent requirements, Qioptiq has developed a prism module that is ideally suited for use with Inspec.x L lenses. It is easy to mount on the objective and also offers azimuthal alignment.

The prism module is optimised for using light guides and equipped with a universal interface that enables connection of any commercial line illumination with the corresponding adapter.

The module can be used in scanning applications at resolutions that up until now were exclusively the realm of microscopes. Magnifications of 3.0x, 3.5x and 5.0x can be handled.


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