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Multiband filters

Edmund Optics, a provider of optical components and tools, has introduced new multiband filters. These versatile filters are ideal for real-time live cell analysis and high speed imagery.

Each multiband filter is hard-coated and then mounted in a 25mm diameter black anodised housing for durability and ease of handling. Featuring multiple pass bands on a single filter greatly enhances fluorescence imagery and allows for easy setup for a wide range of fluorescence applications. Every filter provides high average transmission and excellent blocking. This yields the maximum brightness and contrast in any of an extensive range of applications. Multiband filters are perfectly suited for simultaneous viewing of multiple fluorophores.

The filters are available in eight different dual band models with pass band wavelengths from 387 and 480nm to 577 and 690nm. Five models of tri-band filters are offered with pass band wavelengths from 387.5, 478 and 555.5nm to 465, 537 and 623nm. Four quad-band filters are available with pass band wavelengths from 387, 485, 559.5 and 649.5nm to 446, 523.5, 600 and 667nm. Multiband filters are in-stock and available for immediate delivery for fast turnaround and excellent value.


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