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Fetura+ high-speed zoom lens

Qioptiq, an Excelitas Technologies® Company and global technology leader focused on delivering innovative optical and photonic solutions, introduces Fetura+™ Advanced Zoom Lens. The enhanced, high-end Fetura+ enables high speed and reliable optical performance for the machine vision and inspection markets. 

Ideal for high-throughput micro-inspection, non-contact dimensional measurement and general automated imaging applications, Fetura+ features a unique linear rail design coupled with precision optics to enable it to travel through the 12.5:1 zoom range in less than one second. Due to this unique design, Fetura+ offers a service life in excess of one million cycles and delivers exacting repeatability in any orientation. 

With infinity corrected optics, Fetura+ is fully compatible to the Optem FUSION Lens System optics and accessories, making it even more flexible and versatile than ever. Fetura+ can also be customized with added features or modified housing requirements. With fully programmable operation, Fetura+ can be easily integrated as the optical core of a complete custom imaging assembly. 

“Fetura+ represents the performance apex of zoom optical lens technology in the machine vision and inspection arena,” said Thomas Schäffler, Director of Optical Inspection at Qioptiq. “We are excited to enhance the popular Optem product line with the addition of the Fetura+ capabilities. The high speed and reliability of Fetura+, combined with its great flexibility, deliver a field-proven, off-the-shelf solution to meet today’s most demanding industry needs.”


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