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iNspect Color

Dalsa has announced the iNspect Color, an updated version of the iNspect software package for Dalsa's line of Vision Appliances. Dalsa's Vision Appliances are easy-to-use, embedded machine vision solutions that are both powerful and quick-to-deploy for automated quality inspection applications.

Dalsa's Vision Appliances are equipped with two distinct styles of application interface software to accommodate the differing needs and experience of users. iNspect software is suitable for both first time and experienced vision users alike; it offers excellent inspection capabilities that can be applied across a range of applications. For experienced vision integrators, Dalsa offers Sherlock software with more advanced capabilities.

The machine vision inspection tool adds support for colour processing, as well as new inspection capabilities. iNspect Color provides the ability to segment images by colour such that all of the standard measurement tools can be applied to the inspection task, including verification, sorting, and inspection of parts and assemblies.

Typical colour applications include: confirming that the correct colour cap or label is applied in the packaging industry; verifying the number and colour of pills in a blister pack for pharmaceutical applications; and inspecting the colour or texture of interior automotive parts. Products can be identified and sorted by colour across all industries.

In addition to colour support, the software also provides new and incremental tool improvements, interactive tool setup, and easier integration to third party devices such as Rockwell Automation PLCs. Special features, such as on-the-fly image rotating and multi-camera tiling, have been added to further simplify application setup. Similarly, multi-camera display and statistical trend plots are now available on the operator interface.

For more complex applications, iNspect's script-like programming interface has been expanded to offer maximum flexibility when needed. Likewise, for OEMs or system integrators, iNspect now offers extensive network commands for program integration.


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