Impact 11.2

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Datalogic has released Impact 11.2, a machine vision software package supporting the latest smart cameras and vision processors.

The software includes a pattern sorting tool able to recognise thousands of different logos and other consumer good graphics, with high reliability and efficiency. This tool can easily solve sorting applications, overcoming challenges such as random object position and orientation, perspective distortions, ambient light variations, clutter and occlusions.

The new image archiving tool transmits images from an Impact-based device to an external FTP server over Ethernet interface. The colour image stitching tool for applications requiring a wide field of view enables image stitching on colour images, where it was previously only available for greyscale, as well as the ability to merge two or more pictures thus making image processing easier and more effective.

The 11.2 release now supports T49 smart cameras, a 5 megapixel CCD model. T49 delivers extremely high accuracy and repeatability, making it perfect solution for applications in the electronic industry.