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Matrix N Line

Datalogic, a global leader in Automatic Data Capture and Industrial Automation markets and world-class producer of bar code readers, mobile computers, sensors, vision systems and laser marking equipment, today announced the release of the new Matrix N Line powered by state-of-the-art configuration software, DL.CODE™. DL.CODE™ software provides a user friendly graphically based environment to unleash the best 2D imager features on the market.

The Matrix N Line encompasses the industry leading 2D imager Matrix 300N™, the high performance imager Matrix 410N™, and the new solution for medium-range logistics, sorting applications the XRF410N, based on Matrix 410N.

The Matrix N Line incorporates important product hardware upgrades. Specifically, the Matrix 300N has more optics for mid-range reading to satisfy any application need. On the Matrix 410N, it is now possible to achieve over 200% production throughput; the new XRF410N is a cost-effective Matri410N solution for logistics applications.

The DL.CODE™ software introduces crucial advantages in the MATRIX N™ Line offering:

  • EASY OF USE - Eliminate training costs with an intuitive graphical user interface. With features like smart parameter display, linked parameter help information, and graphical code setups anyone can program the Matrix N imagers.
  • FAST & RELIABLE CONFIGURATION – Quickly and accurately configure devices using drag and drop message formatting, parameter display optimization, and immediate visual feedback on parameter changes.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE - Maximize the speed and performance of Matrix N devices with automated auto learn, independent code optimizations, and part variance effects.
  • ONLINE MONITORING - Monitor increased uptime through a real time view of the process while the Matrix N is working in the production line. Instantly diagnose process issues for faster and more accurate problem resolution. 

In manufacturing applications, DL.CODE™ eliminates the complexity of automated identification processes through a graphically enhanced user interface. Powerful Matrix N Line 2D imagers can be setup in a few minutes using intuitive steps and tools. Improved and reliable performance of the system is achieved through new software algorithms that are immune to lighting and reflection effects as well as object-to-object variations. 

In the T&L applications, DL.CODE™ increases the potential for track, trace, and sortation applications with new critical capabilities. 2D PackTrack delivers real-time tracking of multiple objects within the same reading area. On-board image saving with intuitive controls eliminates additional setup, servers, or monitoring software.


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