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Image Miner 2

Definiens, a provider of image analysis and data mining solutions for quantitative digital pathology, has released Image Miner 2. The product provides researchers in the life sciences with deeper insights into underlying biology by integrating image with data analysis.

By supporting highly effective data exploration and study results, the duration of image-based studies can be reduced from weeks to days. Definiens Image Miner 2 provides researchers with the ability to switch between investigating trends and patterns in large data sets easily and drawing attention to subtle analysis details in single images. Using the statistic toolbox and the comprehensive visualisation options, insights and new knowledge can be generated from images. In combination with Definiens image analysis solutions, Image Miner facilitates the processing of even very large data sets.

Image Miner 2 supports predictive modelling by correlating image analysis results with data from other sources, such as patient outcome data in the development of predictive biomarkers. Interactive plots and data tables provide real-time feedback on study trends, while quality control and assay validation are facilitated by instant identification of outliers and artefacts.


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