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Tissue Studio 3.5

Definiens, a leading provider of image analysis and data mining solutions for quantitative digital pathology, has added stereological analysis methods to the latest version of its Tissue Studio software for analysing histological samples. Stereology can be incorporated into both manual and automated whole slide image analysis workflows. With the latest release of Definiens Tissue Studio 3.5, systematic random sampling is now available out of the box.

High productivity through end-to-end automation is achieved by combining stereological methods with Definiens’ automated and precision detection of structure and morphology in heterogeneous tissue. This significantly reduces user interaction and analysis time and delivers unbiased and detailed readouts at the same time. Alternatively, semi-automatic or manual stereology workflows can be applied wherever appropriate.

For three dimensional measurements, Definiens also offers automated co-registration of serial tissue sections. Definiens stereology solutions are compatible with all major slide image file formats on the market and work with both bright field and fluorescence image data.


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