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iKon-L HF fibre optic camera

Andor Technology has launched its iKon-L HF fibre optic camera. The camera has a high-QE (95 per cent) back-illuminated sensor, a single directly bonded FOP, and a spring-loading ‘Soft Dock’ mount. This design delivers excellent optical performance and transmission, and high spatial resolution along with ultra-low noise.

The camera is ideal for indirect high energy applications, from soft to hard X-ray, and is suited to high spatial resolution imaging of low flux signals. Andor offers three variants to cover the most common requirements. The Soft Dock spring-loaded fibre optic feature provides quick and safe mounting of the camera to a wide variety of instruments, including streak cameras and image intensifiers. The camera is integrated and supported in a range of third party software using Andor’s SDK, including MatLab LabView and EPICs. It can also be operated with Andor’s own standalone software interface Solis.


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