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DH320T intensified CCD platform

Andor Technology has launched the latest addition to its New iStar range of high-performance, scientific-grade ICCDs. With the introduction of the DH320T platform, Andor brings a fast spectroscopy-dedicated intensified CCD platform to the market.

Andor's New iStar DH320T has -40°C thermo-electric cooling, low-noise electronics and high quantum efficiency photocathodes. It provides high spectral acquisition rates at up to 38,000Hz, as well as precise timing control through low-jitter electronics. It also provides a comprehensive software control interface, and fast gating better than 2 nanoseconds.

The product's fully integrated digital delay generator boasts low insertion delay and excellent timing accuracy down to few tens of picoseconds, allowing precise synchronisation of complex experiments through a comprehensive range of input/output triggering options. Solis software provides an intuitive interface to set all delays, gating and CCD parameters accurately, while also offering a real-time control GUI for on-the-fly acquisition and timings optimisation.


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