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IK-HR1H camera head

Toshiba Imaging Systems Division has added the miniature remote CMOS IK-HR1H camera head to its HD camera suite. It can be configured with either of two camera control units (CCUs): the IK-HR1CD and the IK-HR1CS. The ultra-small, lightweight remote camera head is approximately 1.18 x 1.37 x 1.41 inches and weighs 1.76oz (without lens). Toshiba's 1/3-inch CMOS sensor is ideal for imaging applications where space is critical and the remote head can be linked to the CCU via a standard, PoCL cable.

Two output versions of the IK-HR1H are available to deliver added flexibility; the IK-HR1CD camera control unit offers a DVI-I with 720p/1,080i/1,080p and the IK-HR1CS CCU features an HD-SDI with 720p/1,080i video signal outputs. With the optional auto and manual white balance controls plus optional auto and manual electronic shuttering, these cameras are well suited for scientific/life sciences, microscopy, and diagnostic imaging, as well as in speciality broadcasting, reality TV and sports, industrial video/inspection, and aviation.


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