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IFG VIS-85 filters

Schneider-Kreuznach has expanded its range of products in the industrial optics division with four new filters. A night and day sensor cover glass and three new long pass filters are now available on the market.

The sensor cover glass, the IFG VIS-85, transmits the visible spectrum (400-650nm) and 850nm ±40nm, making it ideal for all night and day surveillance applications. The 1mm thick filters with a 16mm diameter can be placed directly in front of a CCD or CMOS sensor.

These sensor cover glasses have a particularly high surface quality of less than lambda/4. The sensor cover glass does not impact the MTF and focus of the imaging system.

Schneider-Kreuznach has also expanded its range of industrial filters with three long pass filters. Three new wavelengths are 400nm, 565nm and 630nm. The filters are available unmounted with 10mm to 74mm or mounted in the standard filter thread sizes of M25.5 to M67 as well as a C-mount.

All long pass filters are AR-coated. Long pass filters improve contrast by cutting off troublesome short wavelengths, making them invaluable for applications with difficult lighting conditions such as traffic or OCR.


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