IDS uEye LE GigE

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Colour and monochrome 5 megapixel resolution versions of the uEye LE GigE board-level camera from IDS are now available from Stemmer Imaging.

The uEye LE is one of the smallest board-level Gigabit Ethernet cameras currently available with dimensions of 45 x 45mm. At full resolution (2,560 x 1,920 pixels) both models can operate at 14fps with data transfer over cable lengths of around 100 metres.

The monochrome versions feature Aptina’s high sensitivity MT9P031 monochrome sensor making them suited to applications that require high detail, such as metrology. Rolling and global start shutter modes are provided, producing sharp, low-noise images.

The colour versions use Aptina’s MT9P006 sensor featuring A-Pix technology and, by using the area of interest function, 1080p full HD video can be streamed at 30fps.

Both models carry two general purpose I/Os, a I2C-Bus and an internal image memory of 60MB. Themodels are available without a lens holder or with a C/CS-mount or an M12 lens holder for S-mount compact micro-video lenses.